Sunday, 11 July 2010


I am getting just a bit excited ladies as its less than 6 days to my hols in St Ives ! I am feeling very tired at the moment as it has been very hectic at work and i have a job where i am rushing about all day( wore a pedometer the other day and walked 14 miles in one day!!) and combined with this heat i am a spent woman... so need ,need this holiday , but hope to perk up a bit before so i am not wanting to flop all the time !!!! As promised i am showing you my little Cath kidston handbag collection... erm .

This is my new one I bought from ebay , I love its shape and its muted colour and as I ordered it from Japan I have not seen this design in the shops here, have you?

Fergal typical man was reduced to boredom by my handbag attentions...

The lovely stone roses bucket bag( front left) was my first Cath bag and I bought it in St Ives two years ago, I was so thrilled when I got it as I had so wanted one of her bags, and doubly delighted as I had,not realised Cath had opened in St Ives,so you can imagine my face when i spotted the shop on Fore Street !! So here is the dilemma girls ,which bag do I take on holiday, my new one or one of the others, Which one do you think I should wear in St Ives ?, Help me make my mind up!!

This saddle bag was a Harrogate purchase , or my birthday last year ,so cheery.. Before falling for theses floral lovelies I was,nt really a hand bag girl , but now.....

Its really nice when you spot another Cath fan with a bag , I have often ended up in conversation with other ladies, its as if you kind of know they will be in your tribe and will get on, my husband laughs and says its like certain car owners when they have secret (or not so secret!)waves ands light flashes!!!!

This little blue one is a bit of a favourite and i use it most days to work as its compact and handy and lovely! Now I am going to sound really sad as the cottage we have rented in St Ives is only 100 yards from Caths little emporium, so I have a whole week to ponder on if I NEED i light blue or cheery red bag to join my meager collection.... I will not buy one till the last day.. as I don't know about you but the anticipation is almost exciting as actually finally getting the thing of your hearts desire...
Also as promised a glimpse of my barn room .. Malachy and orla my cats get fed in here as they get mugged by the dogs in the kitchen! my son is in the picture as he was following me about trying to" persuade "me to let him go to a party and all night camp out, he persuade me.. I am such a push over!!

I have try ed to keep a light french feel in this room .. as it has a slightly more modern fell than the rest of the house...

My favorite piece of furniture my armoire with my collection of Wallis and Gimpson pottery dating from 1886, i have amassed it over the years,

A little old french bird cage picked up in Normandy..

This is an old french stove we fitted and D made the mantle shelf

The cross stitches were done by me years ago and have Noah's ark on them.. Malchy and orla munching ...

shells are another of my loves the anemones were picked up on the beach in gallway after a storm..

These are prize plaques bought from a antique market in Honfluer France, , they were presented for best Percheron horse used to carry fish from the coast to Rouen, i suppose the best turned out etc, i just love the history and design and were a bargain, honestly...

Well i Hope my ramble has,nt bored you and if don't manage another blog before my hols, have a safe and lovely couple of weeks and I will come back hopefully haven taken loads of photos and have stories to tell , hoping to get to Fowey as well ,as a wonderful place, its where Daphne De Maurier lived and wrote, love Rebbecca, so bye for now.Linda x x


  1. I love all of the bags but I think my favourite is the stone one, can't wait to see what you get next. Your barn room looks lovely, what a wonderful space to have. Have a fantastic holiday and take lots of photos.
    Ann x

  2. The stone bucket bag is my favourite too...
    Love the French birdcage and the prize horse plaques....what great finds!
    Have a super holiday.....Fowey is fab, pretty pictures please....
    Julie x

  3. Sorry, I think it has to be the Japanese one - it will be a real conversation piece as I'm sure she hasn't done one in that style for the UK market. Have fun - I am soooo jealous!

  4. I think yu should take the bucket bag. We're off to Cornwall in August, so leave some things in CK for me to buy. Have a good time.


  5. Lovely, lovely post Linda, I do hope you have a lovely holiday! My favourite has got to be the stone roses bucket bag, scrummy! Happy holiday x

  6. Hi Linda, great to 'meet' you! I have the same stone roses bucket bag which I love, but I really do think that you should go for one that you can wear across you, freeing up your hands for more purchases in the CK sale in St Ives!!!!
    How lovely to be going to St Ives, I just love it there. We used to go on holiday there sometimes and now we're living in South Devon full time I'm hoping that we'll get to explore Cornwall more on day trips.
    I love your blog and your beautiful cottage. We have lots to do here but I decided I'd live in it for a while to decide on interiors etc, although saying that I just couldn't resist the beautiful french vintage dining table I've just bought!!!
    Have a FANTASTIC holiday in Cornwall, my parents are coming to stay this weekend for a week and I think the weather is going to be great again next week. Good job you didn't pick this week to holiday, I've just been dog walking on the beach in the rain!
    Take care,
    Jane. xx

  7. wow what a feast for the eyes I love all your bags and I cant decide either I like the one that is from Japan .I know what you mean about the bag spotting I do it all the time and also when I am watching tv I suddenly say oh look its a ck mug or look she's got a ck tablecloth !
    I have a messenger bag and it is so useful it goes over your shoulder and you can fill it with tons of stuff like your cardi if it gets too hot .
    I love your room it is beautiful everything looks lovely together .
    Hope you have a great time bye for now

  8. Hi Linda! so nice to meet you!! I love your little barn room - and your son's face!! How could you say no?? :)

    and so funny......I love Kath Kidson! I wish I could find her products here in Illinois!!!

    thanks for stopping by soon!
    Anne Marie

  9. Hi Linda - have been wanting to visit you for days but have only just found your site - I think we live not a million miles away from each other and I also think we have friends shortly to move into your little enclave - so hope we can be in touch after the holiday - enjoy St Ives - fantastic place with wonderful art history to it. PS Love all the bags!

  10. Hi!

    I have been meaning for ages to leave you a message about your lovely blog! I defo think the bucket bag...I got a bit excited when I spotted it as I thought it might be a new one for the shops here!

    Bye for now
    best wishes
    Sam :0)